Privacy policy of SHUTTLE99 and its websites

SHUTTLE99 is a company based in Sepapaja 6 Tallinn (Estonia) that provides information services to consumers through different brands and domains (hereinafter the Website):

  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial products and services.
  •, in the field of insurance services and products.
  •, in the field of tourism services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of tourism services and products.

We are aware of how important it is for our users to know what is done at all times with their personal data. Therefore, we treat everything concerning your privacy and security with great care and transparency. In this sense, we do not skimp efforts to take all necessary measures to ensure protection of the data that we have of our users, and we commit to improve them according to current laws and the upcoming technological advances. This policy may only be applied to the data and information collected by us.


We will summarize the information about our privacy policy. You will find it explained in detail below, and if you have any questions or you want to make any suggestion, you can always contact us to the following email We will be happy to attend you




Management and provision of our services as comparator (of financial, tourist or other products), commercial prospecting and request management.


User request and consent of data owners


Those responsible for treatment within the EU and, outside the EU, under "Privacy Shield". Companies belonging to SHUTTLE99's group and collaborating entities (financial entities, financial intermediaries, rate aggregators, reservation services, etc.).


They can access, rectify and delete their data, as well as other legally recognized rights, detailed in the additional information.


1.- Who is responsible for the processing of your data?

SHUTTLE99 is responsible for the processing of your data.

Address:Sepapaja 6 – 15551 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone:+34 958 99 38 07

2.- What personal data do we collect? From where? What use we give them?

According to the normative, all data that, alone or together with some other, allows us to identify or make natural persons identifiable, such as name and surname, contact information, phone number, email, data of the D.N.I./N.I.E., data of the company where you work, account number bank, etc, is considered personal information

The data of the users that are collected from the website are those strictly necessary to carry out our activity: comparing and helping our users in the hiring process of the products (financial, tourism, etc.) from the entities with which we collaborate and that operate in Spain, according to their profile and needs.

Our users provide us with their data voluntarily, by registering on our website or by other means, such as through a phone call, by email or other web pages where the Website services may be hosted.

SHUTTLE99 reserves the right to use the information for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy, among others:

  • Fraud Prevention.
  • Identity check.
  • Checking the credit status of the user.
  • Evaluation of loan requests.
  • Collection of outstanding debts.
  • Study of user preferences to offer goods and services that may be of your interest.
  • Sending information on products (financial, tourism, etc.) that conform to the characteristics and needs of the client.
  • Sending offers through different means (phone, email, SMS, postal mail, etc.).
  • Offer a better service to the user and satisfy their needs.
  • Track the requested services.
  • Keep you informed about requested services.
  • Market studies.

In the event that the user is interested in financial services, in order to be able to offer a better service, it is necessary that customer data is treated together with data included in other files. Credit rating entities (such as ASNEF-EQUIFAX, EXPERIAN, Credit Circle, Credit Bureau, Procrédito, Datacrédito and Cifin) may provide information about the customers stored in our database.

The Website makes use of statistics on the use of site (such as those collected by Google Analytics and Google AdWords). These data are automatically collected and processed by the Website and can be transferred to third parties for analysis. This data includes the websites visited, visit time, browser information, IP address, access hours, web page addresses through which the user arrives at the Website, the parameters of the visited page (such as UTM parameters) and other similar data.

The Website may also make use of the data of the people who communicate by different means (telephone, email, networks social) and also of those that establish any link or relate to the Website through social networks, in order to improve the service and offer more relevant information (of services offered by the Website or third parties) to the client.

The Website undertakes not to collect unnecessary information about customers or users, to try with extreme diligence the personal information that they provide and comply at any stage of the data processing with the obligation to keep due secrecy.

We may also use your data, in the present or in the future, to detect other products of ours that could be of your interest; to evaluate credit and insurance risks, organize, finance and manage insurance and process claims; to identify, prevent, detect or combat fraud, money laundering and other crimes; to carry out other regulatory controls; to keep you informed about your loan; for market research and for products and services that we offer to third parties.

3.- How long do we keep the data of our users?

The Website will keep user data while providing its services, as long as the user has not requested their deletion, and during the necessary conservation periods in accordance with current regulations.

The Website undertakes to maintain and save the personal data that users provide us confidentially, guaranteeing their security and avoiding access by unauthorized third parties.

The Website may disclose to the competent Public Authorities the personal data and any other information that is available and required through its computer systems, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions and regulations. In the cases in which the Website may be subject to some type of responsibility derived from a legal relationship or obligation or the execution of a contract or the application of pre-contractual measures, the personal data will be kept during the legally established period of time.

4.- What is the legitimacy to process the data of our users?

The legal basis for the processing of our users' data is their own consent. Their treatment is necessary to be able to offer the requested service, as well as the subsequent offer of products and services of diverse character (mainly financial or touristic).

These treatments are not mutually conditioning, so the withdrawal of consent in one of them does not entail renunciation of the other.

5.- To which recipients will your data be communicated?

The data of our users can be communicated to the companies of the same group or associated companies for the management of the requested services.

In addition, users data shall be provided to the entities and intermediaries (financial or tourism) with which the Website collaborates and will be treated by them, with the prior consent of our users, in order to be able to offer the requested information about the benefit or benefit offer.

In accordance with the current legislation, the Client is not obliged to provide their personal data and / or give the Website permission to use it. The Client has the right to prohibit the use of personal information, so the transfer of this information by the Client is totally voluntary. By confirming their consent, the Client automatically accepts all the conditions listed on this page.

Immediately after the Client sends their request, the Website will be authorized to approve and send this personal data to one or more of the entities and intermediaries who collaborate with the Website so that they can make a proposal to the user. By sending the request through the Website, the Client accepts all the principles of this Policy, thus allowing the Website and its collaborators to communicate with the user using the email address and phone number to process the request and offer its services, in the most suitable way for the user. The partners of the Website reserve the right to verify and evaluate the situation of the User with the participation of third parties. The Website does not offer any type of financial or tourist services by itself.

For this, it will be necessary for the data owners to accept the conditions of privacy and data processing of the entities with which the Website has formalized collaboration agreements. On the website /politicas-privacidad-afiliados.html you can consult the policies of privacy of the different collaborators or affiliates of the Website. The privacy policy of third party sites is not the responsibility of the Website, so the customer should carefully review the privacy policies of the websites linked in ours.

The entities to which we cede personal data, with prior consent and following the instructions of its owners, will proceed to the study of the application(s) received. They will do so according to the criteria established in the product's marketing and may consult the relative files to the fulfillment or breach of payment obligations, according to the existing legal requirements.

The Website can work with treatment managers outside the EU under “Privacy Shield”, which help it manage its services, which means a guarantee regarding the privacy of the data even outside the territory of the EU.

6.- Contact routes

We and the third parties previously mentioned can contact the user (except in the case of not having expressly authorized it) by telephone, text message, Whatsapp, traditional mail, fax, or automatic messaging. The relevant section of this document gives the details about the means of contact used for commercial and marketing purposes.

7.-Veracity of the data

The user must fill in the forms and provide the Website with true, accurate, complete and current data. In any case, the user will be te sole responsible for any damage or loss, direct or indirect, that could be caused to another person if the information and data provided are not true, accurate, complete and current.

The Website reserves the right to exclude from the services offered to all users who have provided false, inaccurate, incomplete and non updated data, notwithstanding the other actions that may proceed in law.

Website users must be people of legal age and be fully trained. Those under 18 are not authorized to use our services.

8.- What are the rights of our users when we provide your data?

Anyone has the right to obtain confirmation of whether we are treating your personal data on the Website or not.

Interested persons have the right to access their personal data, request its rectification when they are inaccurate or their suppression when, among other reasons, they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.

In certain circumstances, interested parties may request the limitation of the processing of their data, in which case we will only keep them for the exercise or defense of claims

For reasons related to their particular situation, the user can object to the processing of their data. In that case, the Website will stop processing the data, except for compelling legitimate reasons, or if the possible claims' exercise or defense prevent it.

The exercise of these rights may be processed either by going to the Website through:

  • By email: To the address, being necessary to address to it using the same email address with which the user was created
  • Postal mail at the Company address mentioned above.

9. Cookies Policy on the website.

Use of cookies

We use cookies to analyze the use of our website by the users, their traffic and the behavior of the visits it receives. Our partners can also use cookies to develop behavioral patterns for commercial and marketing purposes. SHUTTLE99 OÜ's pages that the user visits install cookies on their computer to provide information about their visits, which helps provide a more appropriate service and better adapt it to the needs of the users.

Almost all browsers allow the use of cookies, and accept them automatically if not indicated otherwise in the browser configuration section, through which you can modify preferences in this regard if desired.

If the user rejects the acceptance of the cookies, it is not possible on our part to guarantee an appropriate user experience in the use of our website, which in some cases may remain interrupted or be slower than usual.

Cookies are anonymous: they do not store passwords or data about the identity of visitors, their location, financial/tourist activities or preferences that could be related with a specific user or their identity.

We use anonymous data and sets about our users and / or customers to better understand the behavior in our website, for commercial purposes and to improve its user experience, as well as to improve the website itself. This data can be provided to third parties (such as marketing and advertising companies), without ever including personal data or information that allows to identify customers and / or users.

If the user does not wish to allow the use of cookies, they must follow the process indicated here, considering that the process does not apply to cookies used by our partners (partners).

Extended information about cookies

For more information about how cookies work and how to use them, you can visit the Interactive Advertising Bureau website, an agency specialized in these issues.

Is it possible to block and / or delete cookies?

The vast majority of modern browsers allows changing user preferences in relation to cookies, which means that you can allow, block and / or delete the cookies installed in your device at any time.

10. Jurisdiction of the privacy policy

On the Website we ensure the total protection of personal data provided by our customers and / or users.

SHUTTLE99 respects at all times the confidentiality of customer and / or user data, carrying out its activities in accordance with the provisions and as established by the current national regulations of Estonia DATA PROTECTION ACT PERSONAL (ICS), ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS LAW (ESS) and by the REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of this data and by which the 95/46/CE Directive is repealed (GENERAL REGULATION OF DATA PROTECTION - GDPR).

The GDPR came into force on 05/25/2016 and its effective application in Estonia, after the two year transition period, is being done since May 25, 2018.

Likewise SHUTTLE99, with respect to the data collected from users living in the Spanish national territory, in order to provide financial and tourism intermediation services, is subject to full compliance with the current Spanish and European legislation regarding personal data protection, company information services and electronic commerce and regulations related to remote contracting by consumers and users of goods and / or services through web pages:

SHUTTLE99 has implemented all the security measures required by the current legislation and uses reliable technical means and security tools to prevent loss, evasion, modification, theft and unauthorized access to the users' personal information

11. Delegate of data protection

SHUTTLE99 does not store any sensitive customer data. That means we don't store data related to race, ethnicity, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union organizations, health or physical conditions, sexual life, criminal sanctions, or biometric or genetic data.

The processing of personal data is not part of the company's main activity, and no monitoring, tracking or surveillance of data that may have an implication for your privacy is performed.

The company's activities do not consist of large-scale data processing, either as a controller or as a data processor and neither are monitoring, tracking or surveillance.

In any case, if you want to be informed about how your data is used, the measures that the company takes to protect your data or exercise your rights, you can contact any of the two addresses or and we will get back to you as soon as possible.